Specific aids from schools

Grenoble's various university institutions offers students various aids and support measures. See the support available from your school.


Grenoble INP
Grenoble INP offers aid known as 'aide exceptionnelle d'étude'. This aid is allocated once a year and the amount, which is debited from the institution's funds, is determined every year based on the volume of applications and the budget allocated for it from the institution's service budget.

This aid is designed for students experiencing major financial difficulties, enrolled at an engineering school, engineering studies, and master's degrees at Grenoble INP.

Sciences Po Grenoble
In 2001, the Sciences Po Grenoble Board of Directors created a solidarity fund, offering financial aid for grant holders and non-grant holders.

The aim of this fund is to provide aid to students with real financial difficulties not benefiting from a CROUS grant, merit-based scholarship, Région Rhône-Alpes grant, departmental grant or city grant. Grant holders in major difficulties can also make an exceptional application.

ENSAG has put a measure in place for emergency aid. Students in difficulty are guided to a CROUS social assistant, who can submit a proposal to the school for allocation of an aid of €100, €150 or €200. This aid, which is not recurrent, is not designed to be a substitute for a grant. Some thirty students benefit every year.

The French Ministry of Culture has set up the Annual National Emergency Fund Culture (FNAUAC). It is open to rejected applicants for CROUS grants. The application process includes an appointment with a CROUS social assistant for their assessment. Few ENSAG students are concerned by this measure.

See also: The student-run association "La Coop"offers small pieces of equipment at affordable prices on site. The documentation space, with its 16,500 works and 386 periodicals, helps keep this documentation budget to a minimum.