COVID-19 - Support and solidarity

Exchange, advice and solidarity devices are being set up little by little. If you need help or wish to offer your own, do not hesitate to regularly consult this page which will be updated daily.

Food distributions

AGORAé Grenoble Alpes
distributions organized by the AGORAé in residences on Tuesdays and the distribution of the student baskets stoped. However, the AGORAé premises are now open. You can register to become a beneficiary.
The agglomeration's facilities
For the students with the most financial difficulties, food distributions are organized by the actors of the Grenoble agglomeration.

The Solidarités Grenoble website updates its information daily to inform about distribution points.

You can also visit their Facebook page Solidarités grenoble.

The Grenoble CCAS (Centre Communal d'Action Sociale) also provides a list of food distributions (07/07) taking place in the agglomeration.

The Direction de la Vie Etudiante, in conjunction with the CROUS and the services, monitors food distributions. Check these pages regularly.

CROUS Social Service

The social workers of the CROUS remain mobilized to accompany you if you encounter difficulties of any kind.

If you have any questions:

Regularly follow all the CROUS information


The Facebook group  Etudiants de l'Université Grenoble Alpes, managed by the student federation of the UGA, offers students the opportunity to exchange with each other to follow the information, share their experiences or fight against the loneliness of all.

Student representatives

You can also contact your student representatives directly if you need to:
Naomi Sicard :
Martin Oudart :


In order to face the social needs that have appeared since the beginning of the health crisis, the FAGE - Federation of General Student Associations offers the support of a psychologist at a distance, free of charge for all students.

Consult the detailed information to make an appointment.

The CCAS of Grenoble (Centre Communal d'Action Sociale) provides a list of helplines for anyone who needs to speak to a psychologist or to people trained in listening.

Consult the list of helplines. (table dated 16/04)

National device

A nationwide psychological support system for the general public is available to people who need it through the toll-free number 0 800 130 000.


Become a relay student, and help weakened and sick students, and all those who can't get around!

  • Meal portage
  • Essential Races
  • Going to the pharmacy

Interested? Contact the CROUS Animation Centre by email:

Platform of solidarities: Grenoble Voisins Voisines

The objective is to fight against the virus by creating a system of mutual aid that will improve the daily life of the inhabitants, reduce the loneliness linked to the containment measures and strengthen the bonds of solidarity towards the most fragile.

« Grenoble Voisins Voisines » thus proposes to create "solidarity loops" to exchange good tips, to help in their daily life their neighbours mobilized by the management of the health crisis or to take care of the most fragile people.

You wish to develop solidarity between neighbours in your building without going through the website? Print this poster.

How you can help

You can also use your time to help people in difficulty.
High school students
Article 1 and the FAGE propose to help students to follow the courses sent by their teachers. With the approach of the baccalaureate, some students do not have favourable conditions for working at home.

You can offer your help by filling in this form.
The website offers you the opportunity to help a frontline worker living close to you by babysitting a child or running errands.

If you are in good health and would like to help, you will find all the information you need on the site.
Fragile or disadvantaged people connects solidarity associations looking for volunteers with citizens seeking to give some of their time to the most fragile and disadvantaged during this period of crisis.

You can propose a mission if you are an association or offer your voluntary help.
Publié le 6 juillet 2020