Artistic practices on the university campus

From dance to singing and music, cultural student associations enable you to develop your cultural practice.

  • Compagnie Les Attrape-Corps
    The Compagnie Les Attrape-Corps is a student association for contemporary dance. Relaxation, good humor, and work focused on individual body language. Get in touch to find out more!
  • Chœur Universitaire de Grenoble (University Choir)
    Every year, the University Choir opens its doors to all students, university staff, and music lovers. If you want to join, just let them know!
  • Orchestre des Campus de Grenoble (Campus Orchesra)
    The Orchestre des Campus de Grenoble is an ensemble of roughly 80 musicians. Every musician with a good level who wants to practice music in a real symphonic orchestra is welcome!
  • The Rainbow Swingers
    The Rainbow Swingers are a huge lively choir with some hundred members of all levels, ages, backgrounds, and singing styles! Come and take a look, you won't be disappointed!