The scientific heritage of the UGA

Century-old instruments, rare plant collections or precious works: The UGA is endowed with a rich, diversified, ancient and contemporary scientific heritage.

Scientific instruments, plant collections, rare documents and books

True hidden treasures, they constitute a heritage that sheds light on the evolution of science and technology through the ages and testify to the richness of the teaching and research professions.

Their scientific, historical, cultural and heritage value enables them to play a major societal role: to know history in order to better understand the present, future developments and innovations.

Museum spaces and gardens

The museum areas and gardens reveal part of the university's scientific heritage: come and stroll through the botanical collections, explore the universe, go back in time...

Collections and instruments

Observing, inventing, experimenting, calculating... these activities are at the heart of research. Instruments, collections and objects illustrate the evolution of scientific knowledge and bear witness to the constant contribution of researchers and technicians to the development and transmission of knowledge.
Published on January 7, 2020