COVID-19 - Support and solidarity

Exchange, advice and solidarity devices are being set up little by little. If you need help or wish to offer your own, do not hesitate to regularly consult this page which will be updated daily.

Food distributions

The AGORAé Grenoble Alpes
The AGORAé Grenoble Alpes remains open during the pedagogical break to support students in need.

Food distributions will take place during the period from December 19 to January 3. Do not hesitate to consult the AGORAé Grenoble Alpes Facebook page to keep informed of the distribution dates.

For non-beneficiaries, you must complete a file to benefit from AGORAé products.

For more information: AGORAé Grenoble Alpes
Génération Précarité

The Génération Précarité collective offers all students who need it free distribution of basic necessities, both food and hygiene, within the CROUS residences.

Keep informed of the distribution dates on their Facebook page which is updated daily.

CROUS Social Service

The social workers of the CROUS remain mobilized to accompany you if you encounter difficulties of any kind.

If you have any questions:
Regularly follow all the CROUS information


The Rhône-Alpes Region provides students and apprentices an access to a regional telephone platform for psychological support.

The dedicated number is 04 26 73 32 32 (anonymous and free call, 24/7)


The Facebook group  Etudiants de l'Université Grenoble Alpes, managed by the student federation of the UGA, offers students the opportunity to exchange with each other to follow the information, share their experiences or fight against the loneliness of all.

Student representatives

You can also contact your student representatives directly if you need to:
Naomi Sicard :
Martin Oudart :

Psychological support

Health Center
To make an appointment with an English-speaking psychologist : send an email to Robert Lock for any request for support and the psychologist will contact you.

Appointments with a psychologist at the health center can be difficult to obtain at this time.

Do not hesitate to consult the available listening places as well as the directory of the different places of care.

Volontaires solidaires de Grenoble

Solidarity Mentorship
This "solidarity mentorship" is an initiative made in Grenoble in order to fight the isolation students and young people may experience.

Its aim is to create reciprocity and solidarity by connecting students/young people with families and people of Grenoble who want to spend time together, go on walks and on outings, talk on the phone... in a friendly atmosphere.

Register now via the online form.
Mutual aid between inhabitants
For those seeking help and those offering it. In order to facilitate relations and to limit movements and contacts, in accordance with the sanitary measures decreed, this solidarity is offered at each address thanks to a precise geolocation system:
  • Help with bicycle maintenance or repair
  • Pets walk
  • Basic necessities of life
  • Homework help at a distance
  • Remote computer or administrative assistance
  • Making of masks
  • Remote conversation...

To ask for help or to offer your own : Volontaires solidaires de Grenoble
Published on September 22, 2021