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FAQ - What services are available to help me in my studies and my student life?

Are you experiencing issues with taking classes or exams, or experiencing stress and anxiety related to the current situation, or material or financial problems? Are you aware of the services available to help you? It isn't always easy to find all the information you need. Our FAQ will help answer your questions.
Administrative closure of the Université Grenoble Alpes services and university libraries from July 23 to August 15.

In what areas are you requiring help or information?

Teaching / Health and psychological support /Financial and material aid / Social and leisure activities / International students

International students, are you encountering difficulties? Your iCampus and ISSO student services are here to help you with all your concerns.


Q1. Can I report problems with taking my exams or classes?
Q1. Your school's administrative services remain available for all requests for information or to report a problem. Don’t wait before making your issues known. We recommend that you regularly read the information sent to your institutional student email address as well as your intranet.

Given the high demand, the response time of your school's administrative services may vary, but the longer you wait to report your issues, the harder it will be to provide an adequate answer.

Are you an exchange student? You can refer to the international relations department in charge of your file.
Q2. I'm wondering about my choice of subject and don't know if my current academic program is right for me?
Q2. Support for students in their subject choice, internships and professional integration project is still available remotely. If you are wondering about your current program choice or considering a change of direction, do not hesitate to contact the Université Grenoble Alpes study orientation and integration services or those of your school.

Contact procedures depend on each school's services. See contact procedures for Grenoble and Valence.
Q3. I am wondering about my studies next year, where can I find information?
Q3. Several resources are available to help you find out more about the programs on offer at the Université Grenoble Alpes.
  • You will find initial information in the UGA program catalog, which is currently being updated.
  • You can also look at the Program Agenda to find events related to study orientation and professional integration (post-baccalaureate forum, retraining with Parcoursup, program presentation etc.), as well as the schools’ sites that let you know about upcoming Open Days.
  • Finally, you can of course contact the UGA study orientation and integration services. (see Q2).
Q4. I'm struggling to organize my work, I have difficulty following the lectures remotey, or I'm having problems with some of the concepts in my lectures.
Q4. If you are having issues we recommend you contact your school. Tutoring to support you may be considered depending on your needs and the availability of tutors. Ask your school for more information.

Don't forget that University Libraries dhave many digital and non-digital resources that can help you understand the concepts introduced in your lectures. You can call on the Qui c'est qui sait ? (Who Knows?) service to help find interesting resources for your lecture subjects.

Maybe your academic year has a discussion group to share course materials or ask questions about them. Don't hesitate to ask if lecture materials for students exist. If you don't know who to ask, try to find out on the UGA student support Facebook group Etudiants de l'Université Grenoble Alpes.
Q5. Where can I print or scan documents?
Q5. If you need access to a photocopying/scanning service, you can do so in University Libraries by making an appointment at the available time slots. The UGA's reproduction service is also open to carry out your work.

For more information, please click here to find out how to make an appointment with the University Libraries.
Q6. I have a disability and am having problems following my lectures or taking my exams.
Q6. If you encounter difficulties in your studies related to your disability, you can contact the Service Accueil Handicap. Special arrangements (examination secretary, extra time, specific equipment etc.) can be made depending on your situation.

If you have any questions, you can contact the SAH reception by e-mail at the following address: accueil.sah@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

A telephone hotline is available at +33 (0)4 76 82 84 70.

To find out more about opening times and how to contact us: SAH continuous service

Health and psychological support

Please note! Some students may feel afraid of being judged due to their situation. We remind you that contact with health professionals and related personnel is confidential. They are trained to be neutral and non-judgmental.
Q7. I have health problems. Which service can I turn to?
The Health Center will be closed from April 17 to April 25, inclusive

Q7. The university health centers in both Grenoble and Valence remain open. You can make a medical appointment.

For more information, see our news devoted to the current health situation: COVID-19 - Device to take care of your health
Q8. I am anxious or depressed about the situation and I am no longer coping on my own?
Q8. There are several facilities and hotlines to support you.
  • Student organizations, supported by the UGA and Crous, are helping fight student social isolation and have launched Alpaline, a hotline run for and by students.

The line is open from Friday to Monday from 8pm to 11pm and is free, confidential and anonymous. To contact Alpaline: +33 (0)4 65 84 44 24
  • Appointments with a psychologist at the health center may be difficult to obtain at this time

For students studying in another country, family distance can be a source of distress. If you do not speak French, it is possible to make an appointment with an English-speaking psychologist.

You can send an email to Robert Lock (robert.lock(at)univ-grenoble-alpes.fr) for any request for treatment and the psychologist will contact you.

Don't hesitate to look at the list of places where you can talk to someone as well as the healthcare center directory.


  • A nationwide psychological support system for the general public is available via the toll-free number 0 800 130 000.
You can also find resources to learn how to manage stress in our news devoted to the current health situation: COVID-19 - Device to take care of your health

Financial and material aid

Q9. I don't have a suitable workspace or a good enough internet connection to follow lectures in the right conditions.
Q9. The Université Grenoble Alpes provides study and computer rooms to assist students who do not have either a computer or a good WiFi connection at home.

See how to book study rooms on our news page: Work and computer areas
Q10. I don't have my own computer to follow lectures. Can the university lend me one?
Q10. If you do not have a computer or other IT equipment enabling you to follow lectures remotely, please contact your school as soon as possible so that your needs can be dealt with quickly.

The Student Life service via iCampus and with the support of the UGA Foundation organizes long-term loans of IT equipment.

To find out more about the computer loan service, see the news page: COVID-19 - Access to computer tools and digital services
Q11. If I am experiencing financial difficulties, can I get help?
Q11. Any student (whether a scholarship holder or not, French or international) experiencing financial difficulties with everyday expenses can request an appointment with a CROUS social worker.

To make an appointment, click here: mesrdv.etudiant.gouv.fr

For the most urgent requests, appointments can be made by contacting the secretary's office at service-social@crous-grenoble.fr

To contact our social service, call 0970 150 096 (price of a local call).

For Valence, social workers can be contacted at the following email addresses: as.valence@crous-grenoble.fr
Q12. I'm having financial difficulties and need help with food supplies.
Q12. Various associations and organizations offer food handouts to help students in need.

You can see the news page COVID 19 - Support and solidarity to find out about the various organizations that offer food aid.
Q13. I'm in a CROUS residence and I'm having problems with my accommodation.
Q13.  If you encounter problems with your accommodation in a CROUS residence do not hesitate to contact them.

For all questions related to accommodation, please send an e-mail to logement@crous-grenoble.fr

You can also send your request to the person in charge of your residence.
Q14. I live alone or in a shared apartment and I have problems with my accommodation (heating issues, poor sanitation, neighborhood etc.)
Q14. If there is a problem with the landlord or the neighborhood, there are various associations that can inform and advise you on your rights and duties as a tenant.

Look at our Accommodation section to find out which services can help you.
Q15. I am unable to find a student job. Are there any dedicated portals still operating during the pandemic crisis?
Q15. It's not easy to find a student job during the pandemic. The UGA student jobs board continues to operate during this period.

You can also see the Find a job section, which will direct you to online platforms offering student jobs.

Social and leisure activities

Q16. I need to do sports but I don't have any idea how to adapt my sports activities to the current health situation. Does the university offer any activities?
Q16. The SUAPS UGA teachers offer you a training kit to do sports at home.

From January 25th, a program of physical and sports practice workshops for students on the Grenoble and Valence campuses will be set up. Check out the content of the program.

The CROUS Sports Service also offers a weekly schedule of sports activities. You can follow the program on their Facebook group Pôle Sport - Crous Grenoble Alpes.
Q17. I miss cultural and student organization activities. Are cultural and student organization activities still available at the university?
Q17. You can find cultural and/or student organization events on the Campus Univ. Grenoble Alpes mobile app. Every day, a new event is published to enable you to take a break and relax.

Notice to UGA students! The Direction de la Culture et de la Culture Scientifique gives you an appointment every Saturday to come and experiment artistic practices with professional speakers!

Check out the programme and discover various and varied artistic fields!

There are many student initiatives emerging on social media. If you're running out of good ideas, don't hesitate to check out the Facebook and Instagram pages of student organizations.

EVE - L'Espace Vie Etudiante (Student Life Space), offers photo contests, a Discord server to chat on, solidarity information etc.

IntEGre is a dynamic association of students welcoming international students.

The association offers activities throughout the year. Visit their Facebook page.
The Université Grenoble Alpes is setting up activities and workshops in small groups of 10 people maximum to allow you to take your mind off things! From sports to artistic workshops, clear your mind! Are you part of an association? Submit your ideas!

Learn more :
A programme of sporting, cultural and associative activities to take your mind off things!
Q18. I feel cut off from my year group and have no contact with other students.

Q18. The Facebook group  Etudiants de l'Université Grenoble Alpes,

managed by a student representative organization, enables students to chat with each other, find information, share their experiences or fight loneliness.

Every Wednesday from 12:30 - 1pm, meet the Student Vice President, Martin Oudart, live on Instagram and ask questions.

You can contact your student representatives directly if necessary: Naomi Sicard: vpe@crous-grenoble.fr / Martin Oudart: vpe@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

Don't hesitate to share your advice, working methods or your ideas for getting a change of scene and having fun and why not suggest setting up chat groups with the students in your class if they don’t already exist!
Q19. I feel isolated, where can I find support?
Q19. "Solidarity mentorship" is an initiative made in Grenoble in order to fight the isolation students and young people may experience.

Register now via the online form.

International students

Q20. I am having trouble retrieving / applying for a residence permit, the services are closed, what can I do?
Q20. The Isère Prefecture's branch on campus is closed to the public. You cannot go there without an appointment. Residence permit withdrawals can only be made at the Préfecture de l'Isère, place Verdun, with an appointment made via their website.

The support offered by the ISSO Valence International Welcome Service for residence permit applications to the Prefecture of the Drôme is still in place.

For more information on how to apply for a residence permit, consult the the UGA international portal
Published on July 9, 2021