Sanitary rules at the university

From the start of this Fall semester, UGA welcomes students back to its campus with the objective of a 100% in-person classroom.

Sanitary rules remain in effect

Sanitary rules are still in force in order to guarantee the safety of all. To protect ourselves and others, let's keep the right reflexes on campus and respect together some simple sanitary rules.

As of 14 March, it is no longer compulsory to wear a mask in indoor areas of the university.

However, it is essential to continue to apply the rules of hygiene, starting with the regular washing or disinfection of hands and the ventilation of premises. Particular attention should be paid to interactions with vulnerable people. In these situations, wearing a mask remains an effective solution to limit the risks of contamination.

Health pass at university

As of 14 March, the vaccination pass is suspended.


In collaboration with CHUGA teaching hospital, a screening center and vaccination site will open on the Saint Martin d’Hères campus this September. These two facilities will enable UGA students to have an easy access to both testing and vaccination.

How to get the vaccine

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It remains important to self-report if you are exposed to COVID (if you show a positive result on a screening test, experience COVID-like symptoms or are identified by health authorities as having been in contact with an infected individual), so that the university may organize the process of contact tracing.

Self-report form

International students

You probably have a lot of questions on the impact this health crisis will have on your entry into France, your studies and everyday life.
In order to better inform you on the evolution of this crisis, you will find on the UGA international website a news section specifically tailored to your situation, detailing the latest on conditions of entry into France, application of the “pass sanitaire”, testing and vaccination mandates, as well as an FAQ which provides answers to your main questions.

These pages will be updated following any official announcements by the government, in particular regarding the vaccination status of foreign nationals.

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Health pass
FAQ impact of COVID-19
Vaccination and testing
Publié le 1 avril 2022