Etudiants Relais Santé

The Étudiants Relais Santé de Grenoble offers information on issues related to health and can guide you to the right service.
"The Etudiants Relais Santé is made up of 12 students with varied backgrounds (humanities, medicine, pharmacy, etc.) who can't wait to meet you!"

Etudiants Relais Santé

To ensure students are the central focus and strengthen the impact of preventative and health promotion actions, an Etudiants Relais Santé (ERS) team was put together in December 2017.

ERS help define and implement preventative actions. Their role is to provide information and guidance on health issues, such as depression, psychoactive drugs, and sexuality.


  • Help produce preventative messages, and in the logistical organization of actions to promote good health.
  • Share preventative messages, answer questions from students, and help them find the information they need.
  • Develop communication tools and supports adapted to preventative themes, and manage social media accounts.
  • Interact with others to get feedback on actions carried out.

Published on June 2, 2020