Complementary health insurance or ‘mutuelle’

Mutual health insurance is not mandatory. It is, however, highly recommended to avoid any nasty surprises related to healthcare fees, which can often be very high.

Complementary health insurance or ‘mutuelle’

The health insurance, also called social security, covers only part of your medical expenses, and the reimbursement rate varies depending on the type of treatment.
To top up social security reimbursements, it is strongly recomended to subscribe to a complementary health insurance, also called ‘mutuelle’.
Even though it is not mandatory, you will be better covered if you have one, particularly in the event of hospitalization.

To subscribe to a complementary health insurance, you need to be registered with the french national health insurance, or have a valid European Health Insurance Card or a RAMQ form (Québec students)

How do you choose your health insurance?

International students, if you are staying for one year or less and you do not have any special health needs (glasses, care...), do not incur unnecessary costs. The minimum offer may be enough for you.

It is possible to benefit from the Complémentaire Santé Solidaire as a mutual insurance company for students in precarious situations.

Published on June 3, 2020