Your registered physician, a key person to declare for optimum reimbursement

Your registered physician must be declared for medical care to be part of the "coordinated healthcare system" and to benefit from the best reimbursement conditions.


Assurance Maladie requires patients to choose a registered physician. Your registered physician is normally a general practitioner, but could also be a specialist doctor.
They will be responsible for your medical care, and for coordinating treatments and referring you to a specialist where necessary.

By consulting your registered physician, or a specialist recommended by them, you are following what is known as the parcours de soins coordonnés ("coordinated healthcare circuit"), which will optimize your reimbursements.


To find and choose a doctor, near your home, for example, use AMELI’s online healthcare directory.

As a student in Grenoble, you can also choose the Michel Zorman University Health Center as your registered physician..


Online declaration
You can declare your choice of registered physician online if your doctor offers this and you agree.

In practice, during a consultation at their office, and upon presentation of your 'carte vitale' health card, the doctor you have chosen as a registered physician can complete the declaration online and send it directly to your Assurance Maladie office.
Paper declarations
If your doctor is unable to complete this operation online, you can send the "Déclaration de choix du médecin traitant" form (form S3704) to your Assurance Maladie office.

This form can be downloaded from the website or requested directly from you doctor.

It must be completed with your doctor and signed by both you and the doctor.

You must then send it by mail to your Assurance Maladie office.

For l'Isère :
L'Assurance Maladie de l'Isère
38045 Grenoble cedex 9

Published on June 3, 2020