Feeding, shopping, connecting... All the information you need on a daily basis

«Writing on my computer sitting in the grass or eating a meal in my cafeteria? On campus, I can do anything: eat well and cheaply, renew my tram pass, drop off a parcel at the post office, buy a tax stamp for my residence permit, or have a drink after class. »
Where to eat
The university cafeteria, sandwich shop, restaurants, etc. Something for everyone, regardless of how much time they have, their tastes, budget... and mood!
Digital services
The university offers many digital services for free or at a reduced cost. You can access the network, use a computer, print...
Shops on campus
Catering, Post Office, Car School, Laundromat... Useful addresses throughout your academic year to fully enjoy campus life.
Using multiservices card
The multiservices card can be used to prove your status, access university libraries, use CROUS food service facilities, use Izly payment, etc.
Lost and found
Lost something? Your belongings might have been found and put in a safe place. See useful contacts to find help.
Environmentally-friendly actions
On our campuses and in the city, everything has been set up to make it easy to respect the environment and ensure sustainable management of waste.