Food, libraries, laundry washing, photocopying, etc. Do everything with your Multi-services card!

The multiservices card can be used to prove your status, access university libraries, use CROUS food service facilities, use Izly payment, etc.


Your student card is no longer just proof of registration in higher education, it also offers access to various services, such as paying for meals in CROUS cafeterias and restaurants with Izly money, and access to loans and other services in university libraries. Depending on your faculty and CROUS residence hall, it might also offer access to laundry services, photocopying and various food vending machines.

NB. Make sure you keep your card safe at the end of the academic year, as the same card will be used for the following years.

In the event of loss

Speak to your admissions service , who will be able to provide you with a new copy at your own expense. If your card is stolen, you can get a new copy free-of-charge upon presentation of the police report.