Where to eat on campus and in the city

The university cafeteria, sandwich shop, restaurants, etc. Something for everyone, regardless of how much time they have, their tastes, budget... and mood!
Find over 30 university cafeterias and restaurants throughout the Grenoble conurbation!


University cafeterias - commonly known as RUs - offer low-cost menus to suit your needs: €3.30 (2019-2020 student price) Meals can be paid for with your Multi-service Card and the iZly built-in e-wallet!

From the start of the 2020 academic year, students with a social scholarship will be able to enjoy the CROUS restaurants and cafeterias for €1. See terms and conditions.

Payments in restaurants and cafeterias are made exclusively with IZLY, a 100% connected solution. Meals can be paid for with multi-service cards, IZLY cards, QR codes or smartphones. Before using your multi-service and/or Izly card, you must activate your IZLY account (a link will automatically be sent to your student email address once you sign up).

Various methods for topping up are available in your user space, including bank cards and transfers. Remember to top up when your balance gets low! You can also collect loyalty points with Izly! From 120 points you can get a free menu at the cafeteria!


There are a number of sandwich shops around the campus. They are privately run and charge higher prices than CROUS restaurants. Just a sandwich costs around the same price as a CROUS meal, so you will need to increase your food budget if you are planning on having a drink or dessert.