Recycling centers, secondhand stores, associations... solutions for finding furniture, clothing, and equipment

Whether you are looking for furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, crockery or books, various associations in the city of Grenoble offer affordable items for small budgets.


Some student associations and departments offer low-cost and free equipment.

Do not hesitate to find out from your teaching department if other associations offer resources and to browse the Facebook pages to find good deals.


Emmaüs collects donations of items like furniture, tableware, ornaments, books, clothing, and electrical appliances, and sells them in its three stores in the city.

Prices at Emmaüs are very low and a 20% discount is offered to students upon presentation of their student card.

Ulisse Grenoble Solidarité

The Ulisse recycling center resells clothing, tableware, childcare accessories, multimedia equipment (TVs, phones, computers, etc.), furniture, books, and leisure products.

Products are resold at three stores in the city designed to help the local and solidarity economy.

La Remise

La Remise offers ready-to-wear items and second-hand clothing. All products sold at La Remise are sorted and updated by members of the association.

Prices reflect product types and condition.

La Remise also offers temporary aid for people facing major difficulties.

La Croix-Rouge

The Croix-Rouge de Grenoble (Red Cross) offers lots of support measures, and notably offers support to people facing financial and material difficulties.

It offers a clothing aid service, access to culture and heritage, and food aid.