Facing a financial emergency? Apply for ad-hoc support from the CROUS social service

If you are experiencing major financial difficulties and are facing an emergency, the CROUS social service can give you ad-hoc support.


Ad-hoc support can be paid to students facing a serious financial emergency to enable them to continue their studies. The seriousness of the situation must be shown through social assessment.

This aid can be allocated in conjunction with grants based on social criteria, annual allowances, international mobility aid, and merit-based scholarships.
Who is eligible?
Any student enrolled in initial education at an institution or the unit of an institution qualifying for the student social security scheme can apply for ad-hoc aid. If the student's situation justifies it, several ad-hoc aids can exceptionally be allocated during a single academic year.
Procedures for paying ad-hoc support
Ad-hoc aid is paid only once. The maximum amount of ad-hoc aid corresponds to the annual sum of Level 1 of higher education social grants (ie. €1,669 in 2018/2019).

In the event that ad-hoc aid is awarded more than once in the same academic year, the cumulative sum of the aids cannot be more than twice the annual Level 1 amount (ie. €3,338). If the student's situation warrants it, the Director of the CROUS can authorize advance payment of ad-hoc aid without the case file being submitted to the committee, but following social assessment.
How do I apply for emergency ad-hoc aid?
  • Make an appointment with the Social Assistant for your field of study
  • Complete and send a case file with the supporting documents requested to the CROUS
  • Examination of your case by a CROUS social assistant for your field of study
  • Presentation before a select committee

Published on May 3, 2022