Housing aid for adequate housing

Depending on your resources, you may be able to apply for housing support. Rent support, discounted energy costs, guarantors... See all the tools available.
Caf aids
Subject to certain conditions, the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales enables access to financial support for accommodation. Come and find out more.

Guarantors and security deposits
A guarantor needs to be submitted to ensure payment of rent in the event a student runs into difficulties. Find out about the help measures available.

Housing cost aids
If you are experiencing difficulties, there are various solidarity measures available to help cover housing-related costs.

Your rights
If there is a problem with the owner, there are various associations that can offer information and advice on the rights and obligations of tenants.
Emergency accommodation
If you do not know where to sleep tonight or in the next few days, there are lots of organizations able to find a solution for you. Don't go it alone!