What are we talking about? What are the means to act?

Sexual and gender-based violence, inappropriate behavior, harassment, illegal situation... many terms are used but what exactly are we talking about?

Discrimination and discriminatory harassment

Discrimination is intended to discriminate against a person on grounds prohibited by law. For example, origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, political, philosophical or religious convictions.

Discrimination on one of these grounds is punishable by criminal law As a victim, you can ask the court to sentence the discriminator to criminal punishment and to pay you damages.

What to do in case of discrimination?


Harassment is the repetition of words and behaviors that have as their goal or effect a deterioration of the victim's living conditions. This has consequences for the physical or mental health of the harassed person.

The law punishes all forms of harassment, taking into account the frequency and content of acts.

What to do in the event of harassment?


hazing is a offense which consists in causing a person to suffer or to commit humiliating or degrading acts.

The facts must take place during a demonstration or meeting related to the school, sports or socio-educational environment.

What to do about hazing?

Gender-based and sexual violence

Gender or sexual outrage

Sexist contempt is the imposition of a sexual or sexist connotation or behavior upon a person that violates his or her dignity or exposes him or her to a distressing situation.

Contempt is an offense that can be punished with a fine of up to €750.

What to do in case of gender-based or sexual outrage?

Sexual assault 

Sexual assault is any sexual assault committed with violence, coercion, threat or surprise. For example, touching. If there was penetration, it is rape.

In order for sexual assault to occur, there must have been physical contact between the victim and the perpetrator.

What to do in case of sexual assault on an adult?

Domestic violence

Domestic violence can be violence:

  • psychological harassmentinsults, threats),
  • physical (assault),
  • sexual (rape, touching, there can be rape even in case of marriage or Pacs),
  • or economic (deprivation of financial resources and maintenance of dependence).

What to do in case of domestic violence?