iCampus partners, for help with student life

Transport, accommodation, tourism and more... See all the iCampus partners available to help with daily life.


  • The Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Tourist Office
    For advice and tools, assistance with procedures, and a wide range of leisure and culture venues in Grenoble.
  • St Martin d'Hères Pôle Jeunesse
    Practical information on daily life, support for projects, cultural activities, Internet access and more. The St Martin d'Hères youth hub is a resource center for young people aged 11 to 25.
  • Info-Jeunes Grenoble
    The ADIIJ, a community education association certified a "Youth Information" initiative by the French government, is a resource center for young people aged 13 to 30 years old, as well as their families and professionals. The Info-Jeunes de Grenoble center provides help with accommodation, studies, employment, volunteering and more.


  • CROUS Grenoble Alpes
    The aim of the CROUS (Regional Centers for Student Affairs) is to help improve student living and working conditions.
  • The Isère CAF
    The CAF (family allowances fund) enables you to benefit from solidarity funds for accommodation and living costs...
  • Eaux de Grenoble
    Eaux de Grenoble manages the public water service for the city.
  • Gaz Électricité de Grenoble
    Gaz Électricité de Grenoble (GEG) is an energy supplier for private households.
  • Assurance maladie
    Access to treatment, rights, health care and more. Assurance Maladie provides assistance with health care procedures.
  • FNAIM38
    FNAIM38 is a collection of over 200 property management companies in Isère, centralizing all accommodation offers on a single platform.
  • Pôle Habitat Insertion Jeunes
    The Pôle Habitat Insertion Jeunes de Grenoble offers advice on rented accommodation and employment for young people aged 18 to 30.
  • ADIL de l'Isère
    ADIL de l'Isère offers advice on all issues related to accommodation in Isère.
  • Action Logement
    Action Logement provides assistance accessing accommodation and provides employment links.
  • Emmaüs Grenoble
    Emmaüs Grenoble offers support for people with financial and material difficulties, and helps them furnish their homes.
  • ULISSE Grenoble Solidarité
    ULISSE Grenoble Solidarité offers services such as house clearance, organic fruit and vegetable baskets, second-hand furniture and clothes.
  • DiGi38
    DiGi 38 (Domiciles inter Générations isérois) offers low-cost shared accommodation solutions with the elderly.
    KAPS AFEV (Koloc' à Projets Solidaires) offers community house-share solutions for small budgets, encouraging community living.
  • MGEN
    The MGEN offers an individual health supplement open to the general public. In particular, it offers ÔJI, the 100% student health supplement.


  • Mvélo+
    With Mvélo+, you can rent a bike based on your needs, and travel around the city with ease.
  • TAG - Transports de l'Agglomération Grenobloise
    TAG is the public transport network for the city of Grenoble: 5 tram lines and 46 bus lines for traveling anywhere you need!
  • M Mobilité
    M is the information service for the Grenoble Alpes conurbation, offering assistance via its website, app and information offices.
  • Cars Région
    cars Région offers you a network of intercity lines and routes that serve many towns in the Isère department.
  • SNCF
    The SNCF, for travel by bus or train in and outside of the city.
  • Cycles & Go
    At Cycles & Go, 1500 to 2000 bikes are collected each year and around 700 bikes are sold. The association offers all kinds of bikes for all types of purses.
  • TIER Mobility
    TAG has teamed up with TIER Mobility to offer you 500 self-service scooters throughout the Grenoble conurbation.
  • Pony
    Find the Pony self-service Electric Assistance Bicycles in the Grenoble metropolitan area.