Pôle Habitat Insertion Jeunes

The Pôle Habitat Insertion Jeunes de Grenoble offers advice on rented accommodation and employment for young people aged 18 to 30.


  • Information and advice on rental accommodation: finding private accommodation, social housing applications, rental thresholds, etc.
  • Information and advice on professional accommodation: residences for young workers, etc.
  • Personalized interviews for accommodation projects: budgets, calculating housing aid, etc.
  • Support putting together technical and financial applications: guarantors, deposits (FSL, Locapass, GRL, etc.), tax returns, the provisions of the DALO Act, etc.
  • Mediation for support maintaining accommodation (debts, etc.) or in the event of impropriety or insalubrity.
  • Sub-let accommodation with the guidance of a social worker.
  • Collective actions with accommodation search workshops, talks with groups upon request.

Published on May 26, 2020