Actions carried out at the Université Grenoble Alpes thanks to the CVEC

Since its implementation in 2018, the Université Grenoble Alpes has been working on projects aimed at improving all services for students.

Actions implemented in 2019-2020 thanks to the CVEC

Over the academic year, 2,870,830€ of CVEC contributions were spent on projects and services for campus life carried out by the universities, schools, the Crous and partners.

  • In the context of the health crisis, more than €500,000, divided between Grenoble and Valence, was allocated to salaries and the running of health centers.
  • One third of the CVEC expenditure was directed towards managing the COVID crisis: psychologists, social service reinforcement, complementary precariousness, loan of computers, distribution of gel and masks, etc.
  • An additional 259,000€ was also allocated by the UGA to the Crous Grenoble Alpes for social aid for precarious students, but also for the creation of a specific aid, the recruitment of an additional social assistant and a system to combat digital insecurity.


In order to guarantee equitable access for all its students to health professionals, the UGA has been able to consolidate its actions thanks to the CVEC.
In Valence
  • Interventions in psychology consultations: Recruitment of an additional psychologist
  • Reinforcement of the number of consultations offered
  • Proposal of therapeutic devices to remedy malaise: sophrology, art therapy
  • Personalised sports programme enabling injured students to continue physical activity and sedentary students to start one.
In Grenoble
  • Recruitment of an additional psychologist and reinforcement of an English-speaking psychologist
  • Recruitment of a prevention specialist.
  • Development of access to healthcare for students in precarious situations
  • Development of nursing services in university residences
  • Training of 12 CROUS referral students
  • Recruitment of a brigade of 6 students for health care
  • Continuation of preventive chest x-rays for new foreign students

Social support

Because every student can be confronted with financial difficulties that hinder the correct development of his or her studies, UGA is strengthening its support services to ensure that everyone has easy access to the assistance for which they are eligible.

  • Exceptional support for the return of 199 UGA students on mobility at the time of the first confinement
  • Recruitment of an additional social assistant for the Crous Grenoble Alpes
  • 259,000 € paid to CROUS to finance social assistance, plus a flat rate of 250 € for 1000 students in acute need, i.e. 250,000 €.

Student reception

Facilitating procedures and offering a service adapted to each individual is a major challenge for the UGA. To do this, Student Life is based on the needs and requests of students and is committed to facilitating the process and providing a personalized response to each one.

  • Creation of an iCampus mobile prevention team composed of 23 students and 14 temporary employees and also within the University Libraries
  • Distribution of masks and bottles of hydroalcoholic gel
  • 21 student disability jobs
  • 500 computers acquired to be made available via the loan system to students in a situation of digital insecurity
  • The payment of 4G subscriptions for students without sufficient or reliable internet connections.
  • Support for the creation of the Agoraé solidarity grocery store

Student Initiatives

Since campus life also relies on the energy and initiatives of its students, the UGA extends its support to projects that bring the campus to life and meet their needs and desires. 
  • Furnishing of the Valence student center (Maison des étudiants)
  • Recruitment and training of two student stage managers for the LVE in Valence (MDE auditorium)
  • 49 associations supported
  • 2 training courses set up for student associations

Art and culture

If there is one place where art and culture are considered as kings, it is at the University. The UGA is strengthening its offer in this area to provide a wide choice of creations accessible to all.

  • Free access to the EST cultural facility for student associations
  • 29 events programmed
  • 22 artistic workshops (dance, theater, clowning, etc.)
  • Creation of a contemporary art exhibition with young artists and students: Expo Wild
  • Production of 12 films promoting student artistic performances as part of the Nocturne des étudiants at the Grenoble Museum

Sport practice

The benefits of sport on well-being have been proven, and UGA is developing its services for students to encourage them to maintain or increase their sports activities.

  • Reduction in the cost of activities for the student
  • New activities: biathlon, 4,200 Uglisse cards offered
  • Back-to-school activities in 2020: 488 student participants - 42 activities