Housing cost aids

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, there are various solidarity measures available to help cover housing-related costs.

Energy Cheque


Since 2018, the social electricity tariff has been replaced by the energy cheque. No steps need to be taken to switch to the new system.

The energy cheque is a system to help pay for energy expenses (electricity and gas bills, energy renovation, etc.). It is aimed at low-income households. The amount of the cheque is a minimum of €48 and a maximum of €277 including tax.

To be eligible for the energy cheque, your household's annual reference tax income (RFR) must be less than €10,700 per consumption unit (UC). The UC is used to calculate your consumption, knowing :
  • one person constitutes 1 UC,
  • that the second person constitutes 0.5 UC,
  • and that each additional person constitutes 0.3 UC.

For more information : Energy cheque


The Fonds de Solidarité pour le Logement (FSL) can help you access or keep accommodation. It can also help you in the event of difficulties paying bills associated with your accommodation charges.

The FSL can:
  • Act as your guarantor; it can also help you pay your security deposit and with other costs linked to moving into your accommodation (insurance, etc.).
  • Help you pay your rent, charges and electricity and water bills, etc.
  • Help you with legal, technical, financial and social procedures to deal with inadequate housing.
  • Help you adapt your accommodation upon loss of independence.
  • Refer you to the right representative to find rented accommodation in Isère.

For more information: FSL Isère

Published on October 14, 2020