Steps for moving out

Just like when you move in, there are various steps involved in moving out of a property. What are they?


Tenants can ask to end the lease at any time.

Tenants must provide 3 months' notice for unfurnished properties (1 month in some cases) and just 1 months’ notice for furnished properties and tense area ("zone tendue").

This request must be made by registered, signed-for mail or by hand-delivery with receipt.

The notice period begins from the date of acknowledgment of receipt.

If the landlord decides not to renew the contract at its end, they must notify the tenant by registered, signed-for mail and provide justification for the decision.

Landlords must provide 6 months' notice for unfurnished properties, or 3 months’ notice for furnished properties, before the end of the lease.


When the keys are returned to the owner, a move-out inventory must be completed to check the condition of the property and its equipment.

If no damage attributable to the tenant is reported on the move-out inventory, the security deposit must be refunded.


For unfurnished accommodation, security deposits must be returned within 2 months once the keys have been returned, if any damage is reported.

If, however, the move-out inventory is the same as the move-in inventory, it must be returned within 1 month.

For sums charged to the security deposit for damage, the landlord is required by law to provide proof of these, as well as proof of the fees incurred.
Published on May 29, 2020