Shared accommodation

Apartment shares are often a good solution for finding accommodation and lowering your costs. Find the apartment share that suits you!


The CROUS offers student a search platform for accommodation rented out by private individuals. The platform enables you to find apartment shares available in the city.


In the private rental market, there are lots of websites where you can look for shared accommodation.

There are several possible scenarios: finding a room in an existing roommate, a landlord renting a room by room apartment, or finding a large enough apartment that you wish to share with future roommates of your acquaintances.

These include:
Note that students often organize Facebook groups of promotions or institutions to share good roommate deals. Make sure you get in touch with the student organizations and associations.


DiGi 38 (Domiciles inter Générations isérois) offers low-cost shared accommodation solutions with the elderly.

Inter-generational apartment shares make it possible for students to find low-cost accommodation while fighting the isolation and loneliness sometimes experienced by the elderly.

Published on August 24, 2020