Get great advice on managing your budget

Accommodation, transport, diet, health, leisure, etc. iCampus keeps me up-to-date with living costs, and helps me create and manage my budget.
Student budgets
What are the main expenses associated with moving to Grenoble and the costs of daily living you need to plan for during your academic year?
Study grants
There are various grants available for students to help reduce study costs (CROUS, foundations, etc.).
Housing support
Moving can be costly... Here are a few tips for finding support.
Student jobs
During the holidays or at any point during the rest of the year, a student job can bring in significant additional revenue.
Students also have to pay social security contributions, so find out about your obligations and make sure you don't get any nasty surprises!
In the event of difficulties
Whether they are personal or financial difficulties, solutions exist. Don't hesitate to ask for support!