Guarantors and security deposits

A guarantor is necessary to ensure payment of rent in the event a student runs into financial difficulties. Find out about the aid measures available.

Action Logement assistance


Visale is a free guarantor service to guarantee unpaid rents.

It is aimed in particular at students under 30 (up to their 31st birthday) moving into accommodation. International students can benefit as long as they hold a valid residence permit for non-Europeans. For students from the European Union, a valid passport (or National ID card) and student card must be provided.

NB. international students awaiting renewal of their residence permit must submit their application receipt and a copy of their expired residence permit.

To be eligible, students must prove their enrollment at a higher education institution for the current year. Student revenues cannot be over €1,200 per month.

Loca-Pass security deposit

This aid is for students with a government grant, or holders of a minimum 3-month internship agreement or students with a temporary work contract.

The Loca-Pass security deposit is a payment guarantee for rent (up to 9 months) and charges in the event of missed payments. It can only be awarded for accommodation owned by a legal entity (CROUS, HLM social housing, etc.) from social housing or approved private housing, not including accommodation that belongs to an SCI Familiale.


Action Logement offers free assistance of €1,000 to support employees who have recently entered the job market and to help them find a job and housing.


MOBILI-JEUNE is a subsidy that covers part of the rent (between €10 and €100 maximum) each month for one year. It is intended for young people under 30 years of age, in work-study training (under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract) within a non-agricultural private sector company.


Some banks and insurance policies offer a guarantor service. Students should find out about offers when signing up for or opening an account for information about the conditions and fees associated with these services. In general, a certain level of means are required to be eligible to apply for this service.

Some owners take out an insurance policy for unpaid rent ("assurance de garantie des loyers impayés") which exempts tenants from needing a guarantor, but this is fairly uncommon.
Published on August 24, 2021