Budget support to help you with everyday life

Numerous associations and tools are available on campus and in the city to provide you with financial support.
Temporary difficulties
Are you going through a difficult time? The CROUS Grenoble Alpes and university institutions can offer you help based on your circumstances.
Exemption from registration fees
Aids for paying for registration fees and exemption from costs exist in most higher education institutions. See the application criteria for these measures.
Reduced fares for travel
Transport companies in the city of Grenoble and the AURA region offer special fares adapted to your financial circumstances.
Eating for less
If you are having difficulties finding money for food, you can get help from the CROUS and various charity associations in the city.
Finding furniture, clothes, and equipment

Whether you are looking for furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, crockery or books, various associations in the city of Grenoble offer affordable items for small budgets.

Periodic protections in free access

Students at the Université Grenoble Alpes can obtain tampons and sanitary napkins free of charge in some of the campus toilets.