CROUS annual aid, help for long-term difficulties

Don't meet the social criteria for getting a grant but experiencing difficulties? You can apply for year-round support from the CROUS social service.


An annual allowances is a grant paid monthly for applicants that do not meet the criteria for the Dossier Social Etudiant.
Who is eligible?
  • Students going through a family breakdown, raised by a member of their family without a legal ruling (other than their parents),
  • Students with proven independence (fiscally independent and without parental assistance),
  • Students over 28 years in continuing education without resources,
  • French students and students from a member of the European Union other than France, a State in the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation living alone in French territory, of which the declared revenue of their family living abroad does not make them eligible for a grant
Procedures for paying support
Allocation depends on the student's overall monthly budget (incomings/outgoings). This aid is paid monthly for 10 months. The amounts allocated are established using the same levels as those of the grant based on social criteria in the classic procedure.
How do I apply for an annual allowance?
To benefit from this aid, you must meet the conditions related to your qualification, studies, and nationality, and not be in a situation which excludes you from receiving a social higher education grant.

You must also meet the same attendance conditions that apply to grant students.
You must create a grant application to apply for an annual allowance.

Published on October 18, 2021