Rent, bills, food and leisure... What budget do you need to live comfortably?

What are the main expenses associated with moving to Grenoble and the costs of daily living you need to plan for during your academic year?
Student budgets require forward-planning of expenses based on your means. Find all the information you need to optimize your budget.

A student's average monthly budget is approximately €750 per month:

  • Rent: €350 on average
  • Electricity and water: €30-60
  • Internet/cell: €2-35
  • Food: approximately €300 (1 CROUS meal = €3.30)
  • Transport: €15
  • Leisure/clothing: €100
Registration fees
Between admission fees and the Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC), you need to plan a budget for registering at your university or any new institution.
Moving budgets
Accommodation and transport entail various costs which need to be assessed in advance to properly plan your budget.
Everyday budgets
Food, phones, health care, and leisure are all everyday living costs you need to take into account when planning your budget!
Opening a bank account
To make managing your budget easier on a daily basis, you will need to open a bank account.