Moving budgets

Security deposits, guarantors, home insurance, rent, etc. What sort of budget do you need for accommodation?


Watch out for the 1st month!

Security deposits, rental agency fees where applicable, home insurance, water, fees for signing up to electricity, gas, water, phone lines and the Internet, etc. Accommodation is the top budget concern for students.

When moving in:
  • Security deposit: 1 months' rent (2 months maximum for furnished accommodation)
  • Property management company fees: for Grenoble and the conurbation, the threshold is €10/m2 (for the inventory, €3/m2)
  • Home insurance fees: €50-100 per year (depending on the type of accommodation)
  • In CROUS university accommodation: €150-430/month excluding charges
  • In private student accommodation: €250-840/month
  • Studio rental (private rental sector): roughly €380/month

  • A room in a shared apartment: roughly €350

  • Rental of a room in a private home (private rental sector): roughly €300/month

Depending on your personal or family situation, you may be eligible for housing support from the CAF. Important! Make sure to speak to your parents before applying, as this may lead to a loss in family benefits.


Bus and tram networks
  • Annual TAG pass at €150 (rate on 1st September 2021) for young people aged 18 to 24 years, €194 for under-18s.

  • Social rates based on the family quotient: further details from the TAG.

Further information also available from the CROUS social service
SNCF network
Métrovélo (rate for under-25-year-olds)
  • Mvélo+ rental for the year: €72

    Find out more: Métrovélo
Find full details in the Transport section for further information on public within the city and outside the city, bikes, cars and more...

Published on November 8, 2021