Registration fees

Between admission fees and the Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC), you need to plan a budget for registering at your university or any new institution.

Differentiated registration fees 2020

Which students does this apply to?
Differentiated registration fees apply to all non-EU international students who were not already enrolled in a French higher education institution in 2018-2019.
At the time we are writing (19 February 2020), no change has been announced regarding the application criteria of differentiated registration fees on a national level. The 2019 criteria thus remain the same for the year 2020. Locally, the UGA institutions and departments will apply exemptions for the new 2020-2021 academic year. We recommend that you visit their websites for more detailed information.
Which institutions and departments are affected?
  • If you wish to study at Sciences Po Grenoble or at ENSAG, you will not be affected by differentiated registration fees.
  • If you wish to study at Grenoble INP, you will be able to ask for partial exemption based on social criteria :
  • If you wish to study at another UGA institution or department, you will also be able to ask for partial exemption for the coming academic year. Conditions and procedures are available on the UGA website. We recommend you to contact the admission or ‘scolarité’ services for more information.
I would like to start a PhD in 2020, do differentiated registration fees apply to me?
No, international students registering for a PhD are not affected by the differentiated registration fees (source of information).

Payment is normally made in a single payment, but some schools may allow multiple payments depending on your situation.

Note though that a certain number of situations allow automatic exemptions (listed on the Campus France website), and higher education institutions can also exempt part of their students from differentiated registration fees.


The CVEC is a €92 tax designed to help finance student services.

Every student, whether they are French or from abroad, attending a higher education institution as a traditional student, must obtain a certificate of payment for the CVEC, by payment of fees or by exemption, before registering at their institution.

  • Find out more about the CVEC, how it works, and exemptions.

Published on August 25, 2020