It is possible to find a student job and do well in your studies!

During the holidays or at any point during the rest of the year, a student job can bring in significant additional revenue.
Employment is also an opportunity to discover the world of work, and acquire useful skills and experience for your future career.
Preparing your application
CVs/resumes, cover letters, spontaneous applications... finding a job requires preparation. Find the key features of a good application and resources to help you in your search.
Finding a job
iCampus offers advice on procedures and helps you find a job as part of your studies. Find the right opportunities and contacts.
Special statuses
If you have limited resources, you may be eligible for a grant based on social criteria to help finance your studies. See the conditions.
Your rights
The workforce is regulated by various laws and local agreements. When you are employed, you have rights and obligations.
Industries that are recruiting
Certain industries are more likely than others to offer student jobs. Discover these industries and hone your search.