Finding a job

CVs/resumes, cover letters, spontaneous applications... finding a job requires preparation. iCampus offers advice on procedures and helps you find a job as part of your studies.


You need to begin by determining your availability and the business sectors that might interest you.


Let your family, friends and contacts know what you are looking for. They might be able to help.


Consider sending spontaneous applications to places you are interested in working. You can also visit them directly, bringing along your CV/resume and cover letter. This approach is essential for part-time or temporary work.


To find information and ads, look in free newspapers, the press and online. Remember your contacts, ad boards in shops, and events related to employment (trade fairs, employment fairs, etc.).

Université Grenoble Alpes is also an employer and offers contracts adapted to students throughout the year on its Student Employment Platform (reserved for students enrolled at UGA).
New :
Find all the offers on the JOBEE Student Employment platform

Note: these two platforms coexist and list offers for the period September/December 2021
As of January 1, 2022, all offers will be published exclusively on JOBEE

Offers can also be found on the CROUS (Regional Centers for Student Affairs) and CRIJ websites. Remember to check the offers on the Pôle Emploi website.

The Université Grenoble Alpes Career Center sometimes offers student jobs linked to university programs.

Jobs in European countries

EURES, the European portal for mobility and employment, A search engine for jobs in Europe. These offers can be viewed on the website

NB. Students coming from countries outside the European Union, must be in possession of a valid temporary residence permit marked 'Student' in order to be hired for employment. As a foreign student, you are allowed to undertake a paid work activity on a part-time basis during your study stay. You can work up to a maximum 964 hours per year, which amounts to 60% of the legal number of hours counting as full-time work in France. You must not work more than 964 hours per year, and, if more are worked, you run the risk of having the temporary residence permit withdrawn by the Prefecture.

Published on September 21, 2021