Preparing your application

CVs/resumes, cover letters, spontaneous applications... finding a job requires preparation. Find the key features of a good application and resources to help you.

Applicants are selected primarily on their cover letter, CV/resume and presentation at interviews.


Your CV/resume should be as clearly presented as possible and must highlight your strengths and skills:
  • professional experience,
  • education,
  • interests and hobbies

One page is long enough!

NB. Ideally, you should update your CV/resume for each new application, adapting it to the position you are applying for. The strengths you highlight will vary from one application to another.


Your cover letter should show the employer your knowledge of the business and business sector, how the position suits your skills and knowledge, and what you could bring to the role. It should also be no longer than one page and neatly presented.

NB. remember to proofread your CV and cover letter several times to avoid any mistakes in spelling, grammar or syntax!


What are the recruiter's objectives?
  • They want to feel reassured about the applicant they recruit
  • To check the applicant's profile matches the role
  • To find out more about the applicant to better understand their experience, abilities, expertise and interpersonal skills
  • To find out about out about the applicant's personality
  • To assess the applicant's motivations (integration in the business, qualities, etc.)
What are your objectives?
  • To introduce yourself
  • Find out more about the position offered and show your interest
  • Convince your interviewer to employ you by giving concrete examples
  • Make sure that the role meets your expectations

Published on September 16, 2020