Taxe d'habitation (housing tax)

Housing tax is mandatory if you had access to accommodation on 1 January. Remember to plan for it in your budget.



Student status (event as a grant holder) does not lead to exemption from housing tax, except for students living at the CROUS. If you have access to accommodation on 1 January of the year, you will have to pay housing tax for the entire year.

Nonetheless, it is possible to benefit from a reduction based on your income, which should be made automatically if the student declares their income individually or upon request if they are attached to their parents' tax household.

In the latter event, they must file a claim at the local tax office for the student's accommodation, sent along with their parents' most recent tax notice.

NB. Rooms in private homes, and accommodation leased under a seasonal (short-term) contract or under any other form of sublet do not count as primary residences. Owners therefore do not have the right to include the housing tax in the charges.


This tax is due when accommodation occupied by a student (primary residence) has a television.

If the student is associated with their parents' tax household and their accommodation is subject to housing tax, their parents will only pay a single tax.

Published on August 28, 2020