My IoT : a discovery game

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"My IoT: a discovery game" aims to raise awareness and initiate a change in mindsets and behaviors regarding the impacts of the globalized micro and nano technology industry in an accessible, creative and engaging way.

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Please note that this kit is under "creative commons" licence .
Use is intended for educational purposes only, commercial use is not allowed.



Achieve mutual understanding

Share knowledge and stimulate collective intelligence.

Gain a systemic perspective

Acquire a systemic understanding of the microelectronics industry and connected objects (IoT).

Uncover biases

Stimulate transversal competences to understand the complexity of the world in its scientific, ethical and civic dimensions.

Trigger behavioural changes

As we are all IoT consumers we can have a positive impact by adopting conscious and sustainable consumption patterns.

 Kit composition

 Game composition


Authors: Laetitia Thomas ; Université Grenoble Alpes
Contribution: NEED for IoT ; Formation IRT NanoElec ; IDEX - Université Grenoble Alpes ; Circulab
Editing: Editions Kaperli

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